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We Can Give You More Than A Million Reasons To Start Managing Your Online Reputation Today

You’ve worked hard to build a seven-figure business, service, or practice. But statements posted on the Internet can easily threaten it. Your online, and even offline, reputation can be tarnished by false accusations, complaints, and comments. You need to maintain control of your online image. That’s where we come in. Online reputation management is one of our specialties.

We make your good business look even better.


It’s a Multi-Step Process

  • The Good Gets Moved Up

Using Webmetrix Group unique, proprietary techniques and proven strategies, we move up positive content about you and your company on Google, so that’s the first thing people see in a search.


  • The Bad Gets Pushed Down

We systematically move all negative information found to the bottom of Google where it is harder to find.


  • Control of Your Online Image Reverts To You

No longer thwarted by false information, you can take control of your reputation.


  • Our Strategic Release Of Content Maximizes Your Impact

Through using websites most relevant to your business, we can quickly boost your reputation.



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How Does Online Reputation Management Help My Business?

It’s simple. Reputation management is all about making certain that your potential clients, patients, or customers see your business for the successful enterprise that it is, instead of possibly viewing what some people have posted online. Plus, by utilizing reputation management, your other marketing efforts will become far easier. Instead of wasting time working on trying to overcome false impressions, you can spend time working on growing your business. You can generate more leads, get more website referrals, increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and generate more profits.


With a computer in just about every home, customers now use Internet search engines, like Google, to find and assess businesses. What comes up their search results will help determine if your business looks reputable or influence people into patronizing one of your competitors.

Fair or not, the truth is the Internet doesn’t always give an accurate depiction of a company’s merits. Negative reviews or opinions can pop up and skew search results. That’s where online reputation management comes in. We’ll help you look your best whenever, and however, customers search for you online.


An overall view of reputation management—what Webmetrix Group will do for you

  • Create a positive presence for your company on all major Internet channels
  • Strategically raise the value and placement of all positive content
  • Systematically move all negative content to the bottom of searches
  • Monitor the population of new information
  • Diversify your presence to maximize positive content
  • Keep your online information current and up-to-date
  • Monitor your position and company health against direct competition
  • Integrate your marketing efforts


Reputation Management Saves You Stress, Time, And Money


Executed properly, reputation management removes the stumbling blocks that can impede your company’s success. If you are trying to bump up your online visibility, but your online presence is tainted with complaints, negative comments, or false accusations, your efforts will be futile, leading to unneeded stress.  


How Webmetrix Group helps you:

Establish your identity – By creating a positive presence on all major web properties, you can proactively boost your brand.


Monitor discussions – You can’t alter your image or change what you may be doing until you know what people are saying about you.

Move positive content up – Using our tried-and-tested techniques, we systematically make the positive content rise to the top.

Move negative content down – We aggressively push the negative content to the bottom of the search results.

Diversify – We continue to repeat the above two techniques until search results reflect a proper image of your business

Keep things current – Since the internet is always changing, we function as your support team to make sure your reputation stays in good standing.

Measure your results –  We monitor how you’re doing by consistently measuring the progress of your goals.

Integrate your marketing –  By taking advantage of reputation management, we can help you increase the effectiveness of your other marketing efforts, too.



The Top Things That Can Affect Your Online Reputation

Perception is reality in most people’s minds. So, what people read and are led to believe about your business is what they perceive to be true. Even if it’s not.


By utilizing third-party endorsements, you can alter the perception of your business by increasing the authenticity of your online reputation. Below are some of the most influential factors that affect your online reputation, plus tips on how you can effectively manage and implement them for your company.


Maintaining an Ongoing Online Presence

Your reputation depends on what people find when they do a search. Fair or not, search engines like Google determine what is linked to your businesses. It might be reviews, business directories, social media, or something else, but all of these sources need to share the same positive story to maintain a positive online presence. At Webmetrix Group, we can effectively put together your entire story.

Claiming and Optimizing – You need to claim your web properties right away. This can include social sites, review pages, or business directories like the yellow pages. Make certain to check each site to ensure it has accurate contact information.

Making the Right Connection – By linking together all of your sites, you can start establishing a brand authority.

Consistency is Key – Ensuring your business contact information and address is correct throughout the Internet will help increase your rankings for positive content.

Checking Reviews

Every day, reviews are read and considered in making choices by more and more customers. Therefore, having a strong reputation on online review sites is imperative and one of the most critical steps you can take for your business. However, you can’t personally do that on your own, because users are looking for autonomy and authenticity. That’s where Webmetrix Group comes in.

Monitoring & prioritizing – We determine which sites offer the most influential reviews, depending upon your industry and prospect base. Then, we make sure those positive reviews are front and center.

Boost the number and breadth of existing reviews – We’ll help you both increase the number of reviews you are getting, and assist you in distributing those reviews to other sites.


Harnessing Social Media’s Strength

Social media has given tremendous power to the customer. It also can be a great source for referrals. By personally engaging with social media, you put a human face on your business and demonstrate your customer care. It’s also a great platform for solidifying your reputation.

Claim your position – Create an attractive, compelling listing on every social media channel. Become an active participant, but don’t dominate every conversation. By personally focusing on customer comments about your company, plus offering helpful information, you can quickly become part of the larger community.

Immediately respond back – Set up a process that allows you to reply to customer inquiries quickly. Never use obvious stock or canned answers as that will erode your social authenticity.

Looking at Surveying

Surveys are a great way to get direct access to your customer opinions. By providing a way for customers to express their opinions, it reduces the odds they’ll complain or post something negative online. Surveys also boost customer sentiment as people like to feel they are being heard.

Offer multiple channels of communication – By providing several avenues for customer feedback, you can decrease the likelihood that a customer will seek and find his own channel.

Follow up on negative feedback – If you start controlling the feedback channel, you can avoid any negative comments from suddenly surfacing online. When you quickly follow up directly, it also minimizes the chance a customer will seek out a public platform to complain.

Take action – Look for trends and patterns in both positive and negative reviews. By collecting and reviewing an array of comments, you can help spot any weaknesses or problem areas and improve your business processes.


Receiving Constant Reputation Monitoring

Your online reputation is a “living thing.” That means it’s constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, you need to diligently watch, measure, and attempt to control everything that’s being said about you online. You want to maximize, not waste, your efforts.

Get tracking in gear – Managing your online reputation is essential, so you’ll want to find answers to the following questions: What are the top results when someone searches your brand? Is there any negative information that has risen to prominence? How many reviews are you getting and where are they being posted? What is your star rating?

Set up alerts – The quickest, easiest way to monitor your online reputation is making sure you get alerts every time someone posts new information about you online.

Receive regular reporting – We’ll send you detailed charting and in-depth tracking information about your specific brand position and the effectiveness of our management—delivered every month.

Scoring Big

Having a good reputation is all relative: a four-star rating only looks good if your competition only has two and three stars. To stay ahead of your competition, you need to know the areas in which you excel and ones where you may need assistance. If you have multiple business locations, you also want to see which location(s) are performing best, and of any of them may need some improvement.

Monitor local competition – You have questions; we’ll supply answers. Analyzing your competitors is imperative. How well do they manage their reputation online? Are there some areas of their business that you can exploit? In which areas have they achieved success?  Can you mimic or improve on what they have done?

Setting proper benchmarks – You need to monitor where your competition and industry are right now, then set personal goals to exceed their performance. Earning a hundred 4-star reviews loses its positive impact if your biggest competitor has thousands of 4.5-star reviews. By setting proper benchmarks, you can help boost your company’s success.


Working in Synchrony

When you have more than one location, your need for a positive online reputation increases exponentially. By working with our team, we can help synchronize and accurately target all of your marketing efforts. Instead of each location operating independently or at different levels, we can coordinate everything and enable your marketing teams to be jointly successful.

Balanced Scaling – In addition to overall brand reputation, there’s also micro-brand reputation. Is there a particular branch or location that’s struggling or suffering? Is your problem just in one location or region or do you have a coast-to-coast image problem? No matter what the answer, we can provide an effective solution to your problem that efficiently handles and improves every area of your online reputation.

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